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When a business is established, the process of its execution and management is always being followed.

Like in the case of traditional software development, the process of website development can also be divided into different steps. This would help to design and manage the team effectively and through this, the standards and procedures can be achieved & maintained effectively to maintain the quality of the services.

A business process designed in the organization in order to accomplish the goals would include a series of synchronized activity. At Infoicon Technologies, our clients will easily meet the expert process management team to cast their work process in a more vehement manner. Like a traditional software development company, we bring the most dynamic process of website development to our variant clients through different life cycle steps. These essential steps would help to format the team effectively and to adopt the standards and procedures to achieve maximum quality. Let us explain the steps of development arranged in the process of web development which is simply in the form of guidelines to get you to know how a process management is done.

  1. Initial Consultation-InfoiconTechnologies meets you to discuss the specific challenges that you are facing. Our team of efficient workers and especially the business process managers will bring every issue into limelight and will console you with all the solutions of your concerned issues. Our sole motto is to bring your issues into a project form and conquer the targets to resolve every issue. With unique consultation methodology, time frame and the projected values generated by us, we bring an effective and healthy consultation for you to project your works.
  2. Information and Requirement Gathering-Once you approach us for your issues, we at Infoicon Technologies ask for your essential requirements, raw data and information to bring shape to your projects. Requirement gathering is one of the most critical foundational activities for bringing different data models to bring effective business intelligence environment. For sure, not all the requirements can be defined in advance but a sound requirement gathering is all essential to yield information to help in ensuring that it will be processed to meet the additional identified needs. Another major importance of this step is the business users’ initial impression to the business processing to further influence them to move forward for further requirements.
  3. Initial Design-The design process is used by all the designers in order to generate and develop solutions to solve problems or ‘challenges’ which can be performed through 5 essential stages: Briefing - Research - Initial Ideas - Design Development - Final Outcome + Presentation of Design Solution. The project is planned according to the time, cost and the available resources to estimate the work needed and to effectively manage the risk during the project execution. Being the part of initiation process group, the risk factor of project execution could be reduced with initial designing of the project and help in successfully accomplishing the goals.
  4. Product (Web Design / Development) Approval - Once an initial design is being framed its being forwarded for approval. This is the most necessitated stage of our process management where client approval is all necessary as we respect the clients’ needs and requirements and try our hardest attempt to fulfill it. Our process management carries the model of product approval “From Reaction to Prevention” so that the project can be executed in a more productive form to satiate our clients by preventing all the drawbacks and lagging.
  5. Feedback & Changes- After the approval of the client, the process is further executed in the form of final designing which is then again sent to the client for further testimonies. This will comprise of our clients’ feedback and suggestion, if any. We further make changes as per their instructions to bring a complete sketch before the project execution. In order to avoid any kind of unwanted compliances, our projects completely follow the clients’ feedback and changes as we values their responses the most, and implement completely as per their instructions.
  6. Managed, Commented & Secured Coding- Now this is also among the important stages of process management where the actual service is gone through different alterations and changes. As a software development company, Infoicon Technologies brings changes to the designing and coding of the pages and then proceed for its secured coding to avoid any future hitches. But of course, these changes are mended as per the clients’ feedback to bring a perfect shape to their requirements. The clients can go through different queries and suggestions which would be implemented in this stage for proper project execution.
  7. Testing & Preview- this is a stage where our most professional and expert testers are ready to go through every details of the project execution process. Every section of the project is being completely monitored and verified by them to bring a complete shape to the project. The testers apply all their technical strengths and abilities to go for project testing to avoid any issues or risks involved in it. They also make sure that once it is being handed over to the client, the client should not have to lose a single second to understand or execute it. And this is why; they also bring all the essential advice to the clients for proper running and execution of their product.
  8. Product Delivery- Now coming to the final stage of the project, once the testers are assured of our byproducts, the designs are sent to our clients as a final product which they can run and execute freely as per their needs. Definitely, our aim is to deliver our product in time so we keep a strong eye on our deadline so that the clients may not have to wait for their demands to get fulfilled.
  9. Support-But this is not the end of our functions. It’s not that we delivered our products to the clients and our job is done. Even then, we are always present on the backside of our customers to provide technical support to them. So in case while running the programs they feel any kind of technical issues, our professionals assist them 24*7 with our efficient operational services and support.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end of the project till its continuation, Infoicon Technologies and its dedicated staffs bring their stipulating efforts to manage your work in a never-ending format.

Our efficient business processes deliver operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility to give the enterprise an edge over the competition. Our dedicated business managers bring excellent process management tools that enable them to make impactful changes.

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