AWS Consulting Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive set of services provided by Amazon enlisted under various cloud computing solutions. Its major feature includes the S3 - Simple Storage Service and E2-Elastic Compute Cloud to just simplify the usability issues for various service providers and to enable them to take advantage of Amazon's huge datacenter. This resolves the issues of storage for them and help them to enhance their business cloud. AWS is spread over 13 geographical regions including Northen Virginia, California, Oregon, Sao Paulo, Ireland , Germany, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Sydney and One Gov Cloud situated in United States.

Best Features of AWS Consulting Services:-

S3 – is an online file storage service that helps the users to save large volume of data online on various platforms such as REST, Bit-torrent, etc. This service resolves all cloud computing issues of the users.

E2- By the help of this, users can rent virtual computers and can execute their applications on these computers. This services helps the user to gain scalability and predominance on location.

Advantages of AWS Consulting Services:-

Decreased Costs:- AWS is not only the cup of tea for the rich people but also for the start-up holders that just required these services to benefit their projects with an increased storage and extensive features.

Flexibility in Usage and Payment:- With AWS, as soon as you stop using the server, the billing will not applicable from the next hour followed by the time when you stopped using the server.

Handy Procurement:- By making the use of AWS, you don't need to wait for long hours for the installation of set up of the servers in accordance to the location and hosting space of the servers. Apart from this, you don't need to procure separate license for the softwares and operating systems.

Highly Secure:- AWS Platform is highly secure as it is monitored and managed by thousands of Internet security professionals. The data centers are guarded 24 by 7 by well-trained security guards.

Famous Name:- Amazon is a popular name amongst the customer nowadays and it is providing well-managed services since many years and securing the trust and favor from its customers.

Typical AWS Consulting Tasks:-

Defining Custom AMI- By creating a customized Amazon Machine Image, the users can certainly define your environment and can reduce the changes of future migration. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Configuration- AWS enables you to manage your own networking resources easily.

Database Configuration- Different SQL databases such as MySQl, Microsoft SQL, etc and No-SQL databases such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc can be configured by AWS.