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Now You Can Get Any Alexa Skill Without Having To Enable It First

Skills have become an integral part of today’s digital world, and have a very bright future. Amazon has leveled up and eliminated some of the friction of the skills finding and using. This means, there is no need of enabling skills before you make use of them.

How Make Use Of Any Skill With Alexa

Similar to the many applications that you have within your phone, you just need to manually enable the skills. It is like a stark contrast to the services of third party on the Google Home, for which, there is no need of and setup and enabling to let them work out of the box.

Talking about the previous time, in order to enable a skill on an Alexa-enabled speaker, It was required you to head over to from a web browser or get access to the Alexa app on the different mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, open the skills menu and go through the catalog until you locate a skill that you were looking for to try. After this, you would need to open the skill page and tab the enable button.

Until June 2016, this process felt rambling and jarring that there could be a device that is almost totally controlled using voice. But then, Amazon took a step ahead and made it possible to enable skills by your voice. In other words, it can be said it Alexa, enable Domino’s or Alexa, enable LIFX.

Amazon has made the process even easier since the last week, and allowed to use skills by removing the enable process altogether effectively. You just required to say now is, “Alexa, Open (skill name)”.

However, you cannot ask a skill that is a bit complex the first time you are using it. The Alexa might not be able to find the skill you commanded for, or it will overlook the additional request you made. Once you make use of a skill, it will however be enabled on your account, which means, you are allowed to use any of its invocations.

If a skill demands your login to connect your account, like with the Fitbit or Starbucks skills, you are required to go to the page for that skill in the Alexa app and log in. Otherwise, you could be able to use any skills available right away.

Also, if there are some skills that have similar names, then Alexa will give options to choose the one you want to open. This further does not address the problem that occurred when Amazon added the ability to enable skills using the voice; you still require knowing the skill’s name you want to open, so that you can use it. This allows more people to get engaged with the skills; also you will probably need to spend your time in the Alexa app for new skills.

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