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SwiftUI – An Interactive and Revolutionary UI Framework Equipped with Futuristic Features!

At WWDC Developer Conference 2019, Apple launched a plethora of innovative frameworks, tools, features, and technologies, but the one that mesmerized each developer in the seminar was none other than Swift UI !

Swift UI an abbreviation for Swift User Interface is a revolutionary, yet interactive framework that will enable the Apple coders to develop an application for all the platforms including iOS, MacOS, and tvOS. The innovative framework has received maximum praise for it's most awaited addition of Swift Programming Language. This is something that provides developers with the APIs and tools to bring their optimum iPhone app solution on Mac, as well as, other Apple devices that too by saving time and pivotal resources required.

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In addition, soon it will be launched with an option that allows you to relish myriad unique features of the platforms like speed associated with Trackpad and Mouse. And, hence, you will get an excellent opportunity to reap its various significant benefits. Its distinctive properties such as Touch Bar will assuredly make it a strong competitor of Google and Facebook for Flutter UI framework and React Native respectively in the cross-platform industry.

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Unveiling Swift Programming Language in the market of Cross-Platforms is undeniably the paramount agenda behind launching the feature-rich Swift UI development framework. The abundance features they are well-equipped with is what that allows iOS application developers to pay a keen interest in employing Swift UI in the development process.

Features that Allow Swift UI to Enter the Apple Development Market Include:

 Declarative Syntax:

Swift UI employs a Declarative Syntax that makes it not only simple to understand and write, but also assist you to decide what your user interface (UI) should perform. For instance, you can specify that you want a list of items consisting of text field along with the details like alignment, color, font, etc.

Since the code is simpler and easier to read at the same time, thus, it will assuredly bring a drastic difference in terms of Maintenance Efforts and Time Consumption. By putting a limelight on its in-depth features, we get to know that this innovative UI development will provide developers with ease to select from a collection of ready-made effects just utilizing a few lines of code. Apart from managing the development process, it can support you handle everything which is associated with creating a smooth deployment and dealing. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that it comes up with even a more “Alive” app.

Drag and Drop:

Another unique and essential feature that has recently introduced in the framework is “Drag and Drop”. With this quirky attribute, app develop can Pick Any Element, Customize its Features, and Rearrange its control efficiently. The great thing here is that these visual editor options will be easily available in the code editors too. This is something that will provide more powers to Swift UI for competing with programming languages like Python and superseding Objective-C in the long run.

Dynamic Replacement:

As revealed at Apple WWDC Event 2019, the Swift runtime and compiler will be fully embedded with Xcode 11. It is something that will assuredly offer a great opportunity to build and run the applications in real-time. In simpler terms, the “Design Canvas” will certainly showcase the picture of an appropriate user interface and the live application as well. Most importantly, in this, the Xcode can swap the edited code in the live app directly employing the “Dynamic Replacement” feature.

Native Characteristics:

Since the written codes can work efficiently on all the platforms, hence, the Swift UI platform is unambiguously native. In addition, it can access all the crucial native functionalities as well as technologies of any platform. And, thus, delivers the most interacting user Interface Experience that too at Extremely Fast Speed.

Aside from this, the framework is also integrated with pivotal APIs including Automatic Language Optimization and ARkit. This is something that will streamline the experience of both the iOS users and developers.


An advanced framework, Swift UI offers developers a lucrative chance to create more than one preview of their display and design on different devices in varied orientations. It will ultimately assist them to perform a new experiment with the design in respect of layout, font, and color.

iOS13 Compatibility:

Beyond everything, Swift UI has launched with default support for Dynamic Type, Dark Mode, Localization, and other accessibility options that make it the finest UI framework to write the code on.
Since it possesses a wide range of imperative features, thus, it is expected to bring major transformation in the way coders build iOS mobile apps. And, this is why they can enhance their excellent approach to enter into the world of Cross-platform without losing the hold on the native functionality. Therefore, giving numerous great reasons to all the developers be they are newbie or experienced to fall for Swift Programming Language!

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