HTML5 is highly demanded and the recent web development platform that takes the experience of creating web pages to a different and extreme level. Most of all through its catchy and user friendly features it even enhances the viewing and surfing experience of the site to its users.


Intelligent Frame: HTML5 is self-contained as users do not require downloading SilverLight or Flash to run media on a website based on HTML5.

  • Highly Affable: Html5 is very compatible with almost every major browser, phones windows, and PCs.
  • Our passion and dedication for work can be judged with our proven track records and client’s feedback. We at Infoicon Technologies proffer well versed team of professionals that are qualified enough to serve you the best in industry.
  • We design and develop multiplatform apps using HTML5, JavaScript and others and create web apps and native mobile apps. To port the apps from iphone to the android, WebOs, Symbian, Windows Phone 7 & Blackberry plus HTML5 application development is the fastest and very cost effective solution. The best thing is that the HTML5 applications are compliant with entire smart phone range including iOS, Android, Blackberry, HP, Palm and Windows 7.

    • Improved context menu
    • Embedded video and audio tags
    • Great semantics
    • Scoped styling
    • Advanced client server communication channel
    • Direct mode graphics canvas
    • Offline web applications
    • Sandboxes iframes

    Most importantly it is on all major browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari and so on with many more features comprising in HTML5