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Multiple Language Learning System

Education and learning is a nice platform to work on. Get it more advanced and expedite by employing the Multiple Language Learning System provided by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

People are making use of various online learning systems to learn different languages. The system developed at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is fulfilled with the finest features to make the language learning easy as well as interactive. A few of them are mentioned below:-

Sign Up:- It enables the students to register for this application by filling up certain required details. The student needs to set up a unique password.

Language preference:-The student can make a choice of the language in which they want to proceed and the language they wish to learn.

Enrollment for the Course:- The scholar can enroll for the language course that he/she wants to learn. It is proceeded by a fee submission process which will be done via popular online payment methods.

Class Scheduling:- The classes would be scheduled according to the priorities of the student made while filling up the form. The details of the schedule of the class will be sent via email and SMS on the mobile of the student.

Assignment Submission:- The assignments are given to the students to make the concepts and terms clear. The assignment of the topic is emailed on the student’s email id after the completion of the class on the same topic.

Assessment Test:- To analyze what student has learned, the assessment tests are introduced in this system. The student can test their skills with this option anytime.

Feedback:- The system will gather the feedback from the students about the course to improve the teaching skills and the methods of learning.

As a brainy business owner, you would invest your money in the application that suits your business requirements. This efficient Multiple Language Learning System would be the perfect solution to your significant business requirements. This system enables you to accomplish the following set of tasks successfully:-

Manage Student’s Information:- You can record the details of the students who have enrolled for the online course and can fetch the required information when you need it.

Assign The Teacher:- You can manage the teachers for the different courses according to the situations. If a student is not comfortable with his teacher, then, you can assign another teacher to him. The changes would be notified to both the teacher as well as to the student.

Evaluate the performance of teachers:- With the valuable feedback from the students, you can evaluate the performance of you teachers and work on the part in which they are lacking.

This Multiple Language Learning System is conceived and developed by our experienced and proficient software developers who are possessing extensive coding skills as well as linguistic expertise. It is based on the learning process with the best methodologies and approaches. This software provides extensive content, resources and study materials to make sure students get the best knowledge.

In addition, you can invite various linguistic intellectuals to teach students on your system and start making money online. Although, a test for this would be mandatory to provide the best teachers to your students. Among all the competitors, our Multiple Language Learning System is proclaimed as the most effective as well as user-friendly language solution. It provides comprehensive lessons online that allows people to learn new languages zealously in a short period. This program offers numerous languages from all over the world to acknowledge people with the different languages spoken all over the world.

Get the finest Multiple Language Learning System and empower people with the different languages. Let you spread the language and Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Spread the technology.

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