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Shopping Mall management and Affiliate program

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is introducing a comprehensive Shopping Mall management and Affiliate program solution which is designed to streamline the operations and ensures that they are consistently performed. It chiefly comprises of the proper management of the shops and the tasks that are executed in the mall to maintain a sleek process.

A shopping mall is a customary place where a lot of people used to visit for various purposes like as for shopping, for dining, for entertainment and even for professional gatherings. But, it is crucial for the shopping mall owner to manage the processes and tasks of this estate properly. A number of shops and so as the number of customers visiting on them on the daily basis. Some of the shops are rented while some are purchased by the shop owners from the shopping mall owner. In addition to this, there is also the movie theater that needs to be managed efficiently. The Shopping Mall management and Affiliate program solution are subjected to boost the experience of your customers. The extravagant features in the app invite increased number of customers in the mall as every customer looks for the finest features with utmost comfort in an affordable price. The typical features that wrapped in our Shopping Mall management and Affiliate Program Solution are:-

Map:- The Google Map of the location of the mall will be displayed on the user’s screen which would be compatible with the GPRS locator to make the customers reach comfortably to the mall.

Push Notification:- Our solution will keep your customers updated by sending the latest updates of offers, events, and promotions on their mobiles. It is customized according to the individual preferences and choices of the customers.

Brand Stores:- It will keep a record of the different renowned brand stores that your shopping mall accumulates. The details such as the space occupied by it, its name, date of procurement, details of the customers who have visited this store, etc.

Restaurant Details:- The solution provided by us consists of the different restaurants, dining, and cafeterias accumulated in the mall. In addition to saving the details of the customers, it stores the choice of the meal they have made.

Search Box:- With this feature, the customers can search for their favorite places and stores in the mall.

Movie House:- In this feature, the user can make the bookings for the movie in advance. Additionally, the user can rate the movie so that other viewers can get an easy thought about it.

Satisfaction Survey:- Getting the customers review is important for the growth of a business. With this exquisite feature in the app, you can get the views of the customers for your place. It helps in improving the level of the services.

Integration With Facebook:- Customers are nowadays habitual of posting their latest updates on social media. Our app facilitates them to post their check-in updates quickly.

The Shopping Mall management and Affiliate Program Solution From Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is the best solution that simplifies the procedures efficiently. It has been developed by our experienced application developers and tested by our skilled software testers. We believe in providing the quality rich solutions to our customers. Our solution is easy to install and use. It is capable of maintaining various tasks and events. It has been made by considering the requirements of both the users as well as service providers. It aims to provide the best experience to the customers and the hassle free management of the processes for the business owner. Enriched with the finest features, our Shopping Mall management and Affiliate Program Solution is the most trusted and effective solution.

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