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Mobile Application Development is basically the progression by which application software is developed for low power handheld devices; this includes personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

Mobile app development helps the individual business or a group to build up new contacts and later on use them for different marketing campaigns. We at Infoicon technologies provide the easy method to your customers to reach you on one touch application. We proffer number of services for the same that include.

  • Calling customer services
  • GPS directions to the nearest store
  • E-mail and messaging
  • Website link

Additionally through our exclusive Mobile application development services you can even receive instant feedback from customers through postings on a wall or express views in other ways. The use of a mobile application will allow you to create tabs for every type of information that you want to notify your customers such as

  • Information on your newly launched products
  • Added services and other information on marketing

Uploading and downloading unique mobile application for developing the relationships with your target audience is the best and simplest way. You can start building up your customer base now to reap the rewards with Infoicon Technologies. We are the premier development and designing company engaged in offering potential mobile application development services. We offer mobile application development services across the array of platforms globally and the expertise includes

  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows mobile phone 8
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry

An agile team of expert professionals that are endowed with latest technology is there to serve your any mobile application development requirement. The company has proven track records to provide excellence in application development services. Years of experience with combination to latest technological know-how makes it possible to serve the best to our clientele.

Dedicated team of experts, supportive assistance, well trained and skilled professionals and recent and most advanced technology use makes the difference between our services and others’.

We focus to provide time-bound and on-budget application development solutions

  • Messaging and synchronization
  • Mobile advertisements
  • Social networking
  • Mobile media streaming
  • Mobile voice-over Internet protocol
  • Gaming

There are many other mobile application development services offered by us. To know more feel free to contact us anytime.


Requirement Analysis: Determining the expectations and requirement of our customers to ensure an accurate implementation. We communicate with the customers to determine their specific feature expectation and then build app strategy accordingly to offer a new and modified product.

Requirement Gathering: We create a list of product requirements from the perspective of our customers. We take the detailed project-related information from our customers that are gathered from supporting documents, process specs, systems, on-site analysis, market research, competitor analysis and end-user interviews; and decide the best possible way to implement it. We define and analyze the requirements of our customers that allow our developers to know what they have to accomplish. We then create use cases, and generate a use case model. The next step would be validating and cost estimating the scope of the project.

Discussion and planning: Our next step is conceptualization and planning. We communicate with our customers for thorough discussions about their views and expectations, and then plan the best strategy to deliver the app that satisfies their specific requirements. Ideally, our development team is involved at the initial stage of the project, and the entire process of building a mobile app is done by the technical people who understand what they have to achieve and how. These technical people tell you if your idea is feasible, and can be successful; and what you can expect from your project within your budget.

Designing Phase – The design phase consists of defining the app’s User Experience (UX), including general layout of the app with the information on how it works. Our graphic designer then turn the application’s User Experience into a proper User Interface (UI) design. We keep different screen sizes, ratios and resolutions in mind while designing an application’s User Interface (UI). Before you dive into code, you must design. The User Experience (UX) Designer creates the interaction architecture of the design elements, and the User Interface (UI) Designer for mobile solutions creates the look and feel of your app. This is a multistep process with its own review stages. After this, we offer you the visual direction and blueprints that inform your engineers about the envisioned final product and how interaction should feel, move and flow.

Development Phase: once an idea has some maturation in the conceptual/inspiration phase, we often develop a working prototype that validates functionality, assumptions, and helps to give an understanding of the scope of the work.

Testing Phase of Mobile App: We test the application early and often on actual devices. User acceptance testing is a process in which we intend to find out if the mobile app works for the users. Finally we create a complete app concept with exciting graphics and perfectly placed text. We then rigorously test your app in a variety of real-world scenarios to sniff out and correct any technical glitches. We initialize the feature and make sure it is supported from the Operating System (OS) to use those configuration settings. We go through our original design and planning documents and every feature of the app to assure that everything works properly in the final concept.

App Launch:

The final step is launching the mobile app to the app store so that users can download it. Our team of developers has proper knowledge about the submissions cycle and guidelines of all the app stores, which allows our apps to get reviewed easily. Our apps have a track record of successfully getting accepted, whether it is Apple’s App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone App store.


Mobile apps revolutionize business operations, boosting accessibility, customer engagement, and efficiency. They enable seamless transactions, personalized marketing, and real-time analytics. Whether for small enterprises or large corporations, mobile apps are integral tools for fostering growth, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring competitive advantages in the dynamic business landscape.

Monetizing a mobile app involves deploying effective strategies to generate revenue. In-app purchases, subscription models, and advertisements are common approaches. Offering premium features or content for purchase enhances user engagement, while subscription models provide a steady income stream. Integrating well-placed and relevant advertisements can also contribute to revenue. Choosing the right monetization method depends on the app's purpose and target audience. However, you need a professional team to get a better outcome. And our skilled team is good at it.

Determining the cost to develop a mobile app is contingent on specific requirements, niche, and industry standards. Customization, functionalities, and design intricacies play pivotal roles. It's a personalized investment, reflecting the unique demands of your app, and ensuring optimal performance within the context of your business or project.

Promoting a mobile app and driving downloads necessitates a methodical approach. Begin by improving the app store appearance with compelling pictures and descriptions. Use social media platforms for customized marketing initiatives for greater reach. Improve search visibility by implementing App Store Optimisation (ASO) approaches. However, for such a process, you will require the assistance of a reputable IT solution partner. This is where we can assist you in reaching your objective.

UI/UX design is crucial in mobile app development as it directly impacts user satisfaction. A well- crafted interface enhances usability, making the app intuitive and enjoyable. Seamless navigation, clear layouts, and visually appealing designs not only attract users but also contribute significantly to positive user experiences, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Post-launch, ongoing maintenance for a mobile app is essential for optimal performance. This includes regular updates to fix bugs, enhance security, and introduce new features. Compatibility with the latest OS versions, monitoring user feedback, and analyzing app analytics ensure continuous improvement and a positive user experience. Regular server maintenance and data backups are also vital for app stability and security.

Mobile app development involves creating software applications specifically designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. These apps serve diverse purposes, ranging from productivity and entertainment to e-commerce and communication. For businesses, mobile app development is crucial as it provides a direct channel to engage with customers, enhances accessibility, and fosters brand loyalty. Apps can streamline processes, offer personalized experiences, and contribute to revenue growth.

Choosing between native and cross-platform app development depends on factors like budget, timeline, and desired user experience. Native apps offer optimal performance but may be costlier, while cross-platform solutions provide broader reach at the expense of some performance. Assess your priorities and project requirements to make an informed decision.

The platform choice depends on your target audience, budget, and app goals. If you aim for a broader audience, develop for both iOS and Android. For a more affluent user base, prioritize iOS. Analyze user demographics, market share, and development costs to make an informed decision that aligns with your app's objectives and audience preferences.

A successful mobile app integrates intuitive design, performance optimization, and robust security. Offline functionality ensures accessibility, while push notifications engage users. In-app search and social media integration enhances user experience. Personalization tailors content, and user feedback mechanisms aid continuous improvement. Analytics integration provides valuable insights. These features collectively create a dynamic and user-centric app, addressing diverse needs and ensuring competitiveness in the ever-evolving mobile landscape.

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