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If you are an adult or a kid, each of us loves to play games on our mobiles or peripherals. Games for different age groups are in great use globally across the world. The range of games for boys and girls is also very wide. Numerous mobile gaming apps are used by people for enjoyment.

If you are owning a game application or a website, then, you must be perceptive about the necessity of game testing services. The basic requirement of the aforesaid services is in getting an uninterrupted access to all the processes persuasively. To avail game testing services from a recognized service provider is advantageous for the game owners.

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Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s constructive approach for Game Testing facilitates companies of gaming industry to stay advanced and headmost in this cut-throat competition. We keep a fast pace and always keep the following things in mind:

  • The gaming industry is broadening very fast.
  • Each games provider is bringing out something unique.
  • Games of new technology are arising day-by-day.
  • Each game aims to delight their users at an extreme level.
  • Performance is the crucial parameter in this field.

We are one of those preeminent game testing service provider focused in testing closely a game before releasing it for the public use. Though out the game testing procedure, we are directed towards maintaining a standard for quality control. Computing proficiency, analytical evaluation skills, and exceptional competence are our attributable features. We are providing game testing services followed by certain steps, procedures, and methodologies. Our work practices are aimed to check if a game works efficiently or not.

Apart from verifying the functionality of the game, we also focus on analyzing its usability. Our well-qualified and experienced testers generate bug reports that are perfect and accurate. They perform the test procedure precisely along with managing the bug list. We work comprehensively with your game designers and developers. Our test professionals track the bug and report them to the developers. We allocate the best resources from our testing team to assure that potential bugs are fixed.

We are proficient in providing the testing solutions for different games. A few of them are:-

  • 3D Games
  • Armor Games
  • Baby Games
  • Barbie Games
  • Ben10 Games
  • Candy Puzzles
  • Car Games
  • Console Games
  • Cooking Games
  • Cool Maths Games
  • Cricket Games
  • Dress up Games
  • Edu Maths Games
  • Edu Typing Games
  • Educational games
  • Play Football
  • Hunger Games
  • Online Live Pool
  • Online Quiz
  • Online Soccer
  • Puzzles
  • Racing Games
  • Real Time Strategy Games (RTS)
  • Role Playing Games (RPG)
  • Skill Games
  • Sports Games
  • Video Games
  • War Games

Our Game Testing Approach is flexible according to the type of game that is subjected to be tested. For each type of game, we customized our methodology according to the testing requisites. Our game testing procedure consists of the following aspects:-

Examining FunctionalityPlay experiencePerformance testing for multi-player gamesLoad Testing for Online gamesCompatibility and Compliance testingLocalization testingAnalyzing User-experience and display of the game

Cross Platform QA and Testing Services for Gaming Applications

We provide Game Testing services on numerous platforms including Android Mobiles/Tablets, iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC etc. We have successfully tested a number of online games. A bug-free release of a gaming app into the market ensures the flawless use of the game. Our Game QA Testing services have maximum Customer Satisfaction. Ultimately, we have ecstatic and pleased customers all over the world.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a noteworthy organization providing the best game testing solutions. The efficient QA(Quality Assurance) team perfectly handles the work assigned to them. We have a competent team of QA and testers entirely concentrated on game testing. Our testers are avid gamers with extensive knowledge of various testing methodologies. A professional game testing company such as Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can assist you entirely in enhancing your gaming products.

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