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The fact that technology is now capable of creating things/objects that have never existed in real life in undeniably true. And, “Virtual Reality” is a perfect example to prove it true! VR is a recent advancement and the digital world seems to be taken aback by the amazing new features of this technology. In fact, big players like Google too invested in this to get an incredible result in the form of “Google Daydream.

Those applications that are powered by Virtual Reality allows the user to get deeply involved in its world and have a phenomenal experience! The wow factor about this technology is its ability to satisfy the various human senses like vision, touch, hearing and smell on rare occasion.

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Get To Know Virtual Reality:-

Basically, Virtual reality is nothing but an unreal or recreated version of any real-life situation or an environment. Mainly, it is used to create or build-up a reality which is actually imaginary. Gaming (video or computer games) and entertainment (3D movies) is the best way to elaborate VR.

A unique coding language has made it possible to make use of this technology. VRML or Virtual Reality Modeling Language” is that key which most of the professionals use. It can easily help to create an array of images and the variety of interactions possible for the same can also be specified.

Virtual Reality Vs. Augmented Reality

VR technology develops a completely virtual world and to differentiate between what’s real or unreal is a tough task. Whereas, AR is a mixture of both virtual and real world. And, it allows people to connect with both the world wherein they can clearly distinguish between real and unreal.

Another point of distinction is that to enjoy Virtual reality user will need a headgear or glasses/goggles. However, for AR an electronic gadget like a smartphone or tablet is all that you need.

To sum up all, “Virtual Reality” will influence you to “Believe What You See,  Feel the movement or Interaction and Experience the True power of Sound

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