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Infoicon Technologies Pvt Ltd is a privately possessed offshore software outsourcing company from National Capital Region (NCR) of India offering software development services to clients such as in U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia since 2005. We basically focus on secure, expandable, scalable, and reliable business systems.

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Mobile Development Services

Mobile phone has become one of the most important parts of our life and is the device which is always being carried by the user as it considered as the very handy device for multiple usages. Today, in the wage of smart phone generation, multiple applications are running steadily into our fingers to make our life most joyful and convenient. This is the sole handy device which is the only source of entertainment, communication and entertainment today. Significantly, various applications have also raised the value of mobile application development services. With the application development services, the users will be able to handle the device more conveniently and if they confront any technical problems in their device.

Infoicon Technologies, India’s leading name in the technological solutions brings the most effective mobile applications solutions. With a team of expertise in mobile app development services Infoicon Technologies brings the productivity apps, utilities & solutions to various smart phones including assistance in added features like games and multimedia apps. With an objective of boosting your business, the expert solutions of mob app services will run differently & efficiently for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile solutions and their interactive internet applications.

PHP Development Services

With highly competitive web technology advancements, the demand for PHP development services has great existence and importance. We at Infoicon Technologies, bring the most advanced solutions to your website testing and developing. Our dedicated PHP programmers will work energetically on your website to bring unique conceptualization. The PHP expertise are well equipped in the field of PHP/Smarty, Core PHP, ROR, MVC framework, Flex, Yahoo Cart, Open Source CMS integration and customization, Cake PHP, Zend Framework and other rich technologies.

We would help our clients to run their websites well and manage them properly with interactive and expert execution and well defined advanced results for their customers. For the most effective PHP development services, our devoted developers are well expertise on various systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo for content management systems and Magento, ZenCart, OS Commerce etc for ecommerce engines. PHP Development services are best called the open source solutions to bring benefits for various portals like Social Networking, Real Estate, Jobs, Reservation system, Booking Engine, Travel etc.

ASP.Net Services
One of the excellent web application structures, the ASP.Net services can be significantly used to design and build outstanding web pages. Its unique and dynamic results are now encouraging most of the large scale companies to use ASP.net for highlighting the companys productivity, power as well as speed by official websites to gather huge response. Among many other gallant services, this Microsoft developed website framework is now receiving excellent demand among both governments and private sector of Indian and outskirt companies. It is also the main reason why Asp.net developers in India are in huge demand today.

At Infoicon Technologies, we bring the most effluent and dynamic .Net Developers for most creative web results for your pages. Our most stipulating and creative .Net services will include different sorts of creative solution such as: mojoPortal, ASP.Net MVC, DotNetNuke, SharePoint, and others like DasBlog, BlogEngine.NET, and nop Commerce as well. Due to such interactive services, you can easily rely on our efficient ASP.net developers as well as programmers of Infoicon Technologies like more reliable service provider to manage any sorts of excellent web development needs in the best possible manner.

Java Development Services

Infoicon Technologies is one of the most dynamic platforms to bring extensive Java programming into a unique form to the users. This web and application based system creates truly n-tier applications with in-depth implementation of MVC (Model View Controller) to bring J2EE development identified best by the reduced complexity in a stable enterprise platform.

At Infoicon, the customers can find one of the best ways to deal with the website development technologies in the field of Java development services. Our team of highly experienced and professional software developers and engineers with full knowledge of J2EE applications assists our clients to harvest the benefits of quality Java Application development solutions and its related technologies.

The company has been playing a dominant role in leveraging quality yet cost effective offshore Java application development with special emphasis on scalability. We aim at building skill, managing knowledge and constantly researching on revolutionary Java technologies.

Digital Brand Management
The value of a brand will not be known to the public until and unless we make them aware. This is the reason, why branding and promotion has reserved their values in the market. To find the most repository place in the market, branding is the most essential tool for touching the global audience; and this is the reason, we, at Infoicon Technologies pledge to bring the optimum solution for digital brand management services. Needless to explain the value of online marketing with raging demands of online products and services, the customers have all the rights to receive best of the best services.

Infoicon Technologies, in this respect, has all the credential values of branding and marketing your services through a dignified and oriented level of brand reputation and management services. We understand your value in the market and so try to bring the most innovative solutions to promote your name in the market to bring 100 % result in the form of customer engaging modules and tactics.


Infoicon Technologies denotes one of the best online service providers for its multiple clients by exercising different technologies and innovative solutions. The dedicated team of Infoicon Technologies brings one of the best products in India where some of the impressive snapshots are:

Document Management System
We are the most eligible and proficient workers to track and store your electronic documents. With the best CMS application, our services of document management system.
Task Management System
Infoicon Technologies is involved dedicatedly to manage your tasks through the process of planning, testing, tracking and reporting.
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Infoicon Technologies brings the best Human Resource Management System in collaboration with SimpleHRM, OrangeHRM & WaypointHR to bring best managed resources & services.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
At Infoicon Technologies, we bring the most integrated software module for you to help you in gaining production, order processing.
Frame Work Development

Infoicon Software Framework is typically designed to support the development of dynamic website, web applications, web services and resources. The framework will assist you to perform the common activity to manage and develop your site quite effectively. With great services of Infoicon your web application will be streamlined to follow a good sequence with less number of coding. In a way, frameworks are the most significant tools that can help you save your precious time and money.

At infoicon, most of the frameworks used would include Modern View Controller Software to help you to build the web applications with separate layers, the advantage of which is that each and every layer can be built quickly

Significantly, the system would be less complicated and would work incessantly with the following frameworks:

  • Zend Framework
  • YII Framework
  • Cake PHP Framework
  • Codignitor Framework
  • Azax Framework
CMS Development Services

Content Management System is one of the most synchronized and facilitated software to bring shape and design to your contents. Everybody understands the importance of content in any website and its valuable and impressive presentation increases its readability among different mass users.

The valuable CMS development services enables to being the most interactive and easy to access software to manage your content and to upload them creatively and interactively. Depending upon the nature of the business and the theme of the website, the CMS software is being designed and developed accordingly to raise the value of the pages greatly.

Infoicon Technologies brings affordable content management solutions to deliver a great level of functionality as compared to other CMS vendors. As a CMS developer, we improvise requirements of the web content management system as our CMS solutions are being integrated quickly without any hefty limitations. Our user-friendly CMS empowers anyone to become comfortable with website management system.

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    Olafur, USA

  • "As a garment business owner based in Chicago, I was really worried of getting mass attention for my business. Thanks to Infoicon Technologies that brought great space to my business in the online world through their outstanding Digital Brand Marketing services. Today, my products are widely being acclaimed by tremendous consumers and I have received multiple orders through my impressive e-commerce site being designed and developed by Infoicon Technologies."

    Andrei, USA

  • "I was really wondering how I can find a perfect e-commerce solution to my website when my consumers will place an order. Will it be safe from any kind of security issues? Will be my customers able to find satisfied online transaction performances? All these questions were solved in fraction of seconds; once I approached India’s most trusted web development company-Infoicon Technologies. The company has the best e-commerce solutions with the usage of open source development applications to assure a safe and protect e-commerce transactions. I am really very pleased to receive their dedicated services."

    John, Australia

  • "I am the most passionate user of iPhone products and so carry the whole ranges of it but since last few months; I started noticing some problems in my iPhone applications that affected my online world. But the moment I found Infoicon Technologies, I am today running ceaselessly with my favorite iPhone. The dedicated iPhone Apps developers assisted me greatly by installing their smart applications which they even monitor and manage too."

    Chris, Canada

  • "India’s most trusted Web Development Company, Infoicon Technologies has created my website into a unique platform to share information about my company and services in a broader way. I can now receive multiple queries from my clients and can now easily communicate to my overseas clients in a more interactive and effective way."

    James, USA

Why Infoicon ?

Infoicon Technologies, as the name suggests has the most empowered latest technical equipments and informative expertise to mold your site into a magnanimous form to bring a fantastic experience for you.

Converse your requirements with us and we will bring the most featured applications and services to design and develop your solutions fantastically. A fantabulous experience, one can ever have while gaining the quality commitments.

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