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5 Unique Methods Through Which Artificial Intelligence Is Modernizing the Mobile Economy

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Artificial Intelligence is dominating the market and this buzzword is something which will surely not settle for less! The finest example would be the popularity that Chatbots, Virtual Assistants or Self-Driving Cars have gained recently. In fact, it's not just limited to this! The AI technology has even captured the internet by turning out to be one of the most searched topics. Taking this factor into account, numerous well-known global entities are willingly investing money in this to get a major breakthrough.

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Consequently, it will not be wrong to say that the business world is gradually adapting to Artificial Intelligence and this would for sure let us see many new inventions. Though AI has helped to make various development in a number of business verticals like travel, finance and healthcare, yet the most significant contribution still remains with the mobile economy.

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The manner in which the technology is being utilized in the industry for mobile application is paving an innovative way to correspond to the users' expectation! This will undeniably help you reap great benefits from app development in the long-term.

Inquisitive to Learn How Artificial Intelligence Can Remodel The Entire Mobile Market?

Well, to put an end to your rising curiosity, we have summarized 7 exceptional ways in which AI can completely transform the mobile app industry! To talk about these, we have precisely kept the main focus on Users' Engagement as well as the Developer App Revenue.

App Personalization

Developers as well as brands are fusing AI within their mobile apps to expedite personalized experience on part of their user. To generate automated location-based results, applications will seek the user's location, thus, they will not have to face the inconvenience of providing the same data again.

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Furthermore, the technology allows the brands to collect detailed information about the user through different means like mobile devices, online traffic, POS machines and others. The data which has been collected together with the user behavior recorded will be additionally used to serve personalized results. The main aim is to increase the retention rate of the existing users. 

This will for sure let the users avail unmatched services without putting any extra effort. A perfect example would be the AI-powered My Starbucks Barista app launched by Starbucks which lets the customers order what they want by speaking to their phone.

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Better Conversational Experience

The fact that AI is efficiently bridging the gap between brands and consumers cannot be denied. Technologies like Chatbots are truly offering customers an unmatched conversational experience. In fact, it's not only administering a large customer base at the same time but also is justifying itself to be an apt solution to cater their needs. And, here using products as well services that are personalized are of vital importance. A recent study reveals that approximately 95% mobile users have a feeling of an improved customer service followed by the commencement of chatbots. And, the other study acknowledged that in the past 12 months, 15% smartphone users have conferred with a bot. Nevertheless, around 35% of users crave to see higher investment by companies in the development of Chatbots.

Mark the words that "Artificial Intelligence Are Here To Stay!" And, the change it will bring along will be unsurpassed in the market.

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Seamless Search Experience

AI to a great extent is shaping the experience of a user by enabling them to make better searches not just through texts but also via voice and image. One of the best things is that it also allows users to make relevant searches even in their everyday language.

As a result of this, today app developers are paying heed to integrate features like voice recognition, image recognition as well as app localization into the apps.

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Onboard Experience and Gamification

First impression and the trial that any user will derive decides whether he'll be back on the app or not. And, according to a survey, 25 % of the users do not come back after their first trial. Thus, to lower this figure, app developers are looking forward to make the most from AI. To let the user have an incredible experience of an amazing UI/UX, developers are working on enhancing the design accordingly. This has readily improved the app usability feature as well. Apart from this, it also allows the user to gain access to those countless in-app gestures to let them have a fascinating experience of using the app!

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AI and IoT

Growth and expansion of IoT or Internet of Things is another crucial technology where AI has a significant contribution to make. Precisely, those mobile apps which are powered by AI enable the other connected devices to master from the various pattern how information has been exchanged and thereafter, act accordingly. A recent study reveals that by the end of 2020, the data of connected users are expected to go beyond 50 billion. This would naturally increase the requirement for AI apps that can have an effective command over these devices.

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The mobile economy is gradually being restructured by the amazing Artificial Intelligence technology with an enhanced capability to comprehend human emotions, collect data in real-time and offer a personalized experience. And, with the disclosure of AI-powered chips in most of the 5g smartphones, you can surely expect the mobile economy to turn out into something beyond interestingly intelligent!

A plethora of exclusive advantages awaits for both business owners as well as the customers.

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