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Ever-growing requirement for Internet software solutions is determined by rapidly changing market environment and technology growth.

To streamline your company, we address those issues with our deployable and zenith-class Internet and Intranet solutions.

 Our Internet software growth services include:

  • Client/Server appliance development
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  • Distributed request development
  • Corporate text management systems
  • Corporate data management systems
  • Intranet search engine improvement
  • Question-and-answer systems
  • Internet/Intranet relationship tools

 What we proffer you with our solutions:

  • Secure federal information storage
  • Convenient means for cooperation and communication
  • User and access privileges management
  • Easy amalgamation with your working environment
  • Alluring design
  • High presentation, and some more

 Web Development Services

A company's website is the resource of up-to-date information for clients and partners, a stage for selling products and services, an ideal place for advertising and endorsement. As a web development corporation, Infoicon Technologies has capacities and experiences sufficient to create, launch and bear a website of any intricacy and scalability. We offer our clients a full circle of website growth processes. Our web developers stay efficient with newest web development technologies continuously advancing in knowledge and technique.

Custom PHP Programming and Development 

PHP, initially derived from Personal Home Page Tools, currently stands for Hypertext Preprocessor as a "recursive acronym". PHP is broadly used for developing active, database-driven web pages. Whether you need an e-commerce system, joint networking systems, or back-end system for data organization, Infoicon Technologies offers PHP programming and advance services. A dedicated team of PHP engineers is all set to develop reliable and scalable solutions to your necessities.

Ruby on Rails Development Services 

Infoicon Technologies software corporation creates Ruby on Rails applications, tailored to meet client needs

  • Web 2.0 Rich net applications
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Social networking and joint websites
  • Content supervision systems
  • Full-featured online sport
  • Entertainment net portals
  • Complex venture applications
  • Statistics applications, etc.

Ruby on Rails allows construction rich internet applications with ASP.NET AJAX usability advantages: cross-browser bear, drag-and-drop, partial page updates, accordion, cascading fall down and many other features.

 Ajax Programming Services

Infoicon Technologies programmers have effectively applied Ajax in a number of modules for web sites and applications such as demos, charts, maps, citation of rates of swap, etc. A broad range of Ajax appliance amounting to our experience let us produce interesting and effective solutions for our clients.

Benefits of Ajax 

  • Ajax is a cross-platform method that can be used on wide variety of different operating systems, computer architectures.
  • Ajax pages weight a lot quicker thus making operational with a web page a faster and more enjoyable process
  • Ajax allows implementing dissimilar attractive style rudiments on the webpage: fonts, dynamic graphics, pop-ups etc.
  • Ajax technology provides many opportunities to enhance the functionality of a web page thus embodying your bold ideas.

Content Management System: Content Management System (CMS) is essential in website data organization, versioning, control, and publication and sharing. Besides open source customization, software enlargement and 3rd party integration, Infoicon Technologies’ expertise covers CMS solutions design, incorporation and modification.

Word Press Customization and Integration 

Professional Word Press CMS amalgamation and Word Press blog customization services are accessible in Infoicon Technologies company. Benefit from influential open source Word Press blogging device with Infoicon Technologies. We excel in creating convention blogs and websites enabled with featured plug-in and themes modified to your business needs.

 Joomla Development and Customization

If you want any Joomla application, Infoicon Technologies is ready to help you to design, implement and open it. Except Joomla CMS development and customization services Infoicon Technologies corporation has successfully completed projects using the subsequent open source CMS:

  • Joomla and Mambo CMS
  • Drupal CMS
  • osCommerce CMS
  • Zen Cart /X-Car
  • Word Press CMS
  • PHP Nuke

On each phase of software development lifecycle, Infoicon Technologies corporation applies individual move toward every customer. With solid experience in Content Management Systems growth, we create powerful solutions tailored for specific trade needs.

 Web 2.0 Development:  We offer software development services based on Web 2.0 principles. Infoicon Technologies company productively adopts Web 2.0 technologies and provides clientele with interactive Web 2.0 applications, equivalent to changing business atmosphere.

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