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Web Application Testing

Websites have a primary role in a company’s success, and it is supposed to be first-rated in terms of quality and functionality. If too many devices and browsers are hitting your app on a regular basis, then, your app needs to be of a high-quality to offer them an impeccable experience.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides customized web app testing solutions to explore your website’s susceptibility, performance and quality issues upon various browsers and platforms.

No matter if you’ve developed your website app as a corporate app, E-Commerce app or a game app , Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.'s comprehensive web application testing and Quality Assurance proficiency and detailed knowledge of latest internet technologies can provide an economical solution to your quality requirements. A large number of our clients are of website QA, E-Commerce testing services, and outsourced software testing services. Most of our clients are owning leading companies in the field of technology, consumer products, and entertainment industries.

Web Application Testing

Our Web Testing Approach

Our approach for web testing is centralized towards providing users an outstanding application experience. We ensure that the features work uninterruptedly on any operating system, browser, desktop or mobile. The objective of our testing is to facilitate the development of secure web applications. The resulting applications are flexible with respect to fluctuating user loads. Our professional and experienced testers will make a specific strategy depending on determined verification methodologies and practices to abbreviate the test-cycle to result in a high-quality application.

In-The-Wild Testing Approach

Streamlined with the In-The-Wild testing approach, we make it convenient to test your web applications. We assure a stable web experience for your users on the devices and browsers they operate.

Far-Reaching Advantages:-

Immense Experience in testing web applications for multifarious industries such as Retail, Technology, Management, Education, Healthcare, E- Commerce, Banking, Gaming, Travel and Social Media.

Ample knowledge of diverse technologies allows the testers to diagnose vital problems and key snags at an initial stage.

Our testing procedure includes verification of functionality, usability, performance, compatibility and security.

Pertinent infrastructure is equipped with numerous testing labs provides a perfect testing environment which streamlines the testing process for every project.

Competent and highly-qualified testers having hands-on experience in testing applications developed using Microsoft Dotnet, LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), etc.

Experienced in prevalent automation tools like as Selenium, VS Coded UI, WebDriver, and Apache Jmeter.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide application testing based on proven methodologies. We have a series of commercial tools and most of them are open source. Our web application testers employ the best testing techniques to precisely identify your application’s vulnerabilities before your customers detect them. We are here to serve you the comprehensive set of web application testing services.

By web application testing, any organization can be sure that the web application will work perfectly and will be easily accepted by the end-users. The web application testing techniques also check the web application’s browser compatibility; load testing, scalability testing, stress testing and resolution testing.

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