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The knowledge management consulting services at Infoicon Technologies covers a huge range of activities which includes road map creation, strategy formulation to the development of KMS and implementation as well as coaching.

The exercises of knowledge management are really more than the creation of knowledge management information system. The strategy of knowledge management of any company is able to achieve its objectives when the nature as well as kind of the business is kept in the mind and its objectives which are to be achieved gives a way to direction of knowledge management.

Infoicon Technologies is capable of assisting the companies at the various stages of their knowledge management initiative. We usually believe that the consulting services which are being provided by us to our clients as well as to our customers are being provided to them in the way that best suits them and according to their convenience. Thus, the site consultancy as well the services which are being provided by us includes the knowledge management consulting where the deliveries are being provided by using online delivery model in which all the deliverables are managed via online delivery that helps reducing time to market and overheads for the clients for the same consulting work.

 Knowledge Management Strategy

Any successful knowledge management implementation is usually supported by or it is the result of a good knowledge management strategy. Strategy and visioning are the two basic components on which the knowledge management exercise basically depends. A company generally takes help of its strong visioning so that an eye is kept over the goal to be achieved such that the success of knowledge management becomes measurable as well as quantifiable. A visioning and strategic planning exercise enables organizations to answer basic, but important questions is – what do we want to achieve by implementing Knowledge Management (KM)? Most of the organizations do have a definite solution for the strategic intent of a knowledge management exercise. This is the main reason that the end is completely different from that one which is being planned as well as which now nobody wants to use!

The quintessential element of any knowledge management road map activity is prepared by you and in this process Infoicon Technologies helps you to define a knowledge management vision. Our consultants explore your business structure and processes to discover the length and breadth of the knowledge assets in your company and identify KRAs (Key Result Areas) of the Knowledge Management (KM) exercise. Your current information is being mapped by our experts and then knowledge levels are being established by with accordance to the desired levels and hence measures are being constructed to bridge the gaps. An exhaustive blue print is being received by you for the knowledge management initiative optimization of your business conditions and processes so that the success could be measured with metrics and timelines.

Knowledge Management Process Consulting And Implementation

The success of optimizing Knowledge Management (KM) returns to a company lies in optimizing its business processes for highest level of efficiency and operations where people in the company share knowledge and insights, ideas to attain a common vision. The sustained business success is the result of the optimization of a company’s operational capabilities. This usually involves the detailed analysis as well as understanding of the key business processes and the procedure in which they could be properly utilized for the sustainment of the business success. The experts at the Infoicon Technologies lay their key emphasis over the business processes in your company so that they could be geared towards knowledge management vision as well as to the building of the knowledge management strategy. A great stimulus factor is laid over the improvement and the efficiency of the organization but also to build a competitive advantage too for your organization. Infoicon Technologies aims at optimizing business processes in your organization.

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