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Infoicon Technologies offer quality consulting services that help you in developing and implementing your analytics projects faster.

Through our valuable services, training and practices, we allow the running of your project in minimum time. We intend to provide the best possible return on your investment through our consulting services and seamless implementation. Our services includes:

Prototyping – We offer premium quality prototyping. We can produce rapid prototypes for sales model with our range of technologies. Our prototyping services include on-time delivery and expert customer assistance. We offer well customized prototype that fulfills your requirements.

Development Assurance Program – With our team of experts, we help in eliminating the project false and provide you quality practice based solutions. Through our quality development assurance program, we provide mechanism for establishing training and proficient standards. We also offer regular monitoring of current services in order to correct the faults.

Training and Education – We provide various expert training classes, online and on-site training which will allow you to develop your own experts. Our training and education service includes training classes around Big Data technologies that is for both open source technology such as Hadoop, Hive, MapReduce, etc., and commercial technologies such as Vertica, Teradata, etc.

Our classes are taught by highly experienced professionals of Big Data technologies. Whether businesses, professionals or individuals, anyone can take benefits of our training and education services.

Architecture Workshop for Embedding Analytics – Our flexible cloud-ready platform is built with the purpose of embedding into your applications, portals and processes. Our influential analytics and extensible architecture workshop ensures your quick growth in the market and retain your success. We deliver powerful tailored analytics and you can learn about the best techniques for embedding platform in your application. We offer interface of customised web-based user to match the branding and look of your application.

At Infoicon Technologies, we strive to help our clients achieve their organizational goals effectively. Big data experts with extensive experience of helping multiple organizations with big data services are part of our proficient team. Our big data consulting services team is passionate about what they do and work as a hub that helps our professionals to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our well defined methodology that we use for delivering projects of our clients can be adapted depending on the particular requirements of our client’s business. Getting in touch with Infoicon Technologies for big data consulting means getting the top notch assistance for your needs as well as getting a high level of customer satisfaction.

At every stage of our consulting services we assure 100% commitment of our expert team towards your big data goals. We offer complete transparency throughout our services, and like this, there are many USPs of our services that makes Infoicon Technologies one of the best companies in this regard. We have a long and successful track record of providing exceptional big data services and meeting the high expectations of our clients. Our proficient team is very much dedicated towards providing the best possible solutions depending on your specific needs, so that you can accomplish your organizational goals effectively. We can provide our services at the most reasonable prices, and can also customize it according to your specific business requirements.

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