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Case Study: Crew gear

Crew Gear has serviced the airline industry. Crew Gear has played a key role in influencing design changes and new product innovation. Crew Gear products including Crew Luggage, Flight Crew Logs, Flight Cases, Crew Apparel and much more

Website Objectives
Crew gear wanted a reliable SEO provider with a solid track record to deliver top rankings for 'Airline Crew Supplies', 'Flight Crew Supplies', and 'Flight Crew Apparel' related keywords. Their specific SEO objectives were:

  • Increase traffic by 100% within a 6 month period
  • To increase revenue via Search Engine Optimization
  • To win market share from main competitors through organic search engine rankings
  • To rank in the Google Top 5 for specific keywords in the market place- primarily 'Aircraft sale', and 'private jet broker' related keywords, and appeal to more relevant visitors
  • Full visibility on their campaign progress against objectives

We focused on several areas of interest in line with the above objectives. Due to the highly competitive nature of the airline industry marketplace we focused on a healthy mixture of offsite and onsite optimization techniques. Av8jet wanted to see uplift in traffic for Airline Crew Supplies', and our keyword strategy reflects this.

Current rankings (in for target keywords include:

  • Position 2, Page 1 for 'Airline Crew Supplies'
  • Position 2, Page 1 for 'Flight Crew Supplies'
  • Position 3, Page 1 for 'Airline Pilot Flight Cases'
  • Position 5, Page 1 for 'Crew Manual Covers'
  • Position 7, Page 1 for 'Flight Crew Uniforms'
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