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Infoicon Technologies Pvt Ltd is an evolving company offering BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), software development and customer support services Company based at Noida, NCR region.

This company is offering its service to European, Canadian and Australian clientele from the year 2005. It has a team of well skilled and enthusiastic team of individuals focusing on sheltered, scalable, expandable and dependable business processes.

Infoicon Technologies provides excellent and efficient BPO offshore services with cost effective pricing and notable quality. Our main focus is about fulfilling the requirements of our clientele based on

  • High quality
  • Reasonable cost
  • Reliable services
  • Value of their money

We principally work with offshore clients and provide modified and customized software development and maintenance services incorporate with latest technologies. They specialize in arenas for website development, web enablement, web applications, product development, product migrations etc.

Business Process Outsourcing Services:

BPO services or outsourced business processes are the business process in which operational actions and errands are transmitted to a reliable third party at much reasonable and affordable pricing as compared to the local vendors of the company. However, the client maintains its rigid grip over their day to day activity to have a smooth ongoing business. It is very effective method and efficient for organization looking forward for innovative capabilities, cost reduction and productivity growth. Therefore it has its own set of strategic advantage. This industry can be mainly categorized under two broad categories

  • Back-office outsourcing:This is a very important sector of any business. It is the internal business conducted in any company like billing, purchase or sale orders etc. It is a very important department for any company and major decision for the company are taken by this department which has the after effect on the entire company.
  • Front-office Outsourcing:It can be called the face of the company. It is the department which directly deals with the offshore customers. This department maintains technical customer support, marketing customer support and other customer related services.

Our company provides multiple services and excels in all of them. Some of our key services are Telemarketing, Inbound Call Center Solutions, Technical Support, Software Support, Chat/Email Support, Lead Generation, KPO and BPO Processes and other web correlated services. These services are practically impliable at any sector including Banking and Finance, Utilities & Energy, Medical, Telecom, Retail & Distribution, Legal, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Contracting, Media & Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and so many other sectors. Our clientele include people from all over the world especially from Europe, Australia and Canada.

  • Telemarketing
  • Inbound Call Center Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Software Support
  • Chat/Email Support
  • Lead Generation
  • KPO Processes
  • BPO Processes
  • Other web correlated services

Why only Infoicon Technologies?

Everyone promises for providing the best of services. However, we as a team are all geared and offering the best standards. As we have an inclination to provide satisfactory services and convert all your business head-on into profitable business. It is our forte to offer and supply with pleasant and very flexible approach toward all our services and guaranteed commitment to consistency. Flexibility is an important aspect because it is observed that at times when bigger software development take place many a times there are few major changes in its platform or requirement so that can be incorporated while the product in undergoing development.

For us customer satisfaction is on top priority. There are many business houses which promise similar service level but our intentions are more focused on customer satisfaction rather than making profit. It is so because we believe in consistent and long term relation with clientele which is only possible if we focus and provide complete customer satisfaction. We do trust in enhancement of business performance. This is a common occurrence that due to advancement in technology many times service fall short therefore to provide best service our company keeps and augments business services. Then we provide accurate and timely services without any delay in deliveries. Simplicity is the keyword in the game. As are services are simple so they are reliable too and never cause any disappointment to the customers. With technological advancement we need to always keep our strategies up to date with the current modern technologies prevalent. Therefore we always believe in mutual involvement and work hand to hand with clients and customers.

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