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Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proficient in providing software testing services that are stretchable and covering all sorts of business domains. Each time, a significant technology is employed by us for a specific industry type. We have triumphantly worked with clients owning discrete enterprise domains such as Automobile, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment and Media, Advertising and Publishing, Logistics and Travel.

Our abrupt flexibility enables us to adapt various technologies and tools. We focus on presenting the applications that are cost-effective as well as meets the significant business requirements of our customers. Our cross-industry testing services are empowering numerous business owners to facilitate their end-users with a seamless experience.

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Our Cross-Industry Testing Services For

We offer cross-industry testing services for the following types of domains: -

Aerospace & Defense





Consumer Goods & Services

Electric Power Industry


Financial Services

Food & Beverage

Health Care

HospitalityHousing & Real Estate


Media & Publishing

Mining & Drilling

Oil and Gas Industry

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Printing & Publishing

Telecommunications & Media

Transportation & Logistics

Travel & Tourism

Benefits of Cross Industry Testing Services from Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: - 

Our exposure to abounding types of industries has made us the finest testing service provider for all business domains. We have successfully delivered software testing services to our clients in all business sectors. It helped us in making a reputation as the best cross-industry testing service provider. We are possessing the following key features in providing testing services to our clients:-

Equipped Infrastructure- Empowered with the best facilities and exquisite features, we leave no chance of any mistake or discrepancy in our distinguished QA and testing services.

Test Repository to Employ Repeatability- We have a large repository of all test cases so that if sometimes we need to run repeated test scripts on similar test cases, then we can do it quickly.

Reduced Cost- By the use of repeatability feature, we can reduce the cost spend on the resources used to test the repeated set of scripts and deliver cost-effective testing solutions.

Leading-edge Automation Tools- We are familiar with the latest automation testing tools. This helps us in testing the applications across different parameters such as performance, load, stress, functionality, etc.

Expertise in all Business Domains- With an extensive expertise in diverse business spheres, we are committed to delivering the outright testing solutions.

Skilled Professionals- We have a team of proficient and skilled software engineers possessing voluminous experience in QA and testing.

With an extensive practical knowledge, we have expanded our intelligence-suit. It help us in identifying the problematic areas of an application effectively. Our awareness of business intelligence and market dynamics facilitates us to improve the performance and scalability of an application. We meet our client’s requirements with a considerable accuracy and timeliness. Our business analysts keep in touch with our clients to notify them about the progress of the testing.

We, at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., test various digital products of diverse business entities. With expertise in Cross Industry Quality Assurance and Testing over many years, we’ve have built an exquisite portfolio. We’ve acquired extensive domain knowledge to make this process seamless and effective. Our testers employ various out of box techniques to make the test process sleeker.

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