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For a transcendent web development of your business or personal website, you need a dedicated web hosting service to store the data. As this data has a strong influence in web development of a website. If you are looking for a web hosting service brimmed with magnificent features, then, dedicated hosting would be the superb choice for this.

Dedicated Hosting or a dedicated server is a sort of internet hosting service that a client sublets. It facilitates the customers to occupy their hosting space individually.

Dedicated Hosting Over Shared Hosting It is highly beneficial over the shared hosting due to the undermentioned reasons:-

Flexibility:- It permits the owners to gain full control of the servers. The owners can make a choice of operating systems, hardware, etc. It offers the users to customize their hardware and software correspondingly. The facilitates the user to manage their business emails.

Highly Secure:- Security is the biggest concern considered before hosting a website over the web. We don’t compromise the security of your servers as it is the key of all your business undertakings. Dedicated hosting lets you preserve the confidentiality of your server.

Transparency:- The transparency through the administrative control of cPanel lets you manage your emails. It allows you win an easy access to your web development platforms also. If you have a little bit technical knowledge, then also you can administer your cPanel.

Reliability:- A gigantic amount of people are taking benefit of this hosting service successfully. It has gained the trust of millions of users due to its peerless features. We nail down on for providing you an entrusted service.

Customer Support:- The task of hosting service providers is not yet completed after providing the hosting services to you. Their customer service numbers are accessible 24by7 hours to fix all your technical glitches.

After reviewing numerous dedicated hosting services, we’ve tabbed the finest top-notch Dedicated server for you. It has an outstretched list of features to meet your personal or business website requirements. We are delivering distinguished services enhanced with the set of advanced technical features such as:-

Comprehensive Domain Management Tools:- The effortless management of your website domains heads you towards sleek business management. You can handle a group of ten or ten thousand people with an easygoing domain management tool.

Seamless Data Transfer:- It facilitates you an interrupted data transfer irrespective of the limit of data you are transferring. This speed-ups your day-to-day organizational tasks and boost the communication between the employees.

Expanded Cloud Storage:- You can store a massive amount of information with the enormous cloud storage facility summed up with your hosting plan purchased from us.

Exceptional VPS Offering:- It amalgamates the best features of dedicated and shared hosting as you can share the hosting space and hosting cost of a number of websites without comprising the security. The websites sharing the hosting space doesn’t share the resources with the adjoining sites.

Distinctive Web Hosting Plans:- From an abounding list of our web hosting plans, you can settle upon for the best-suited one to match your exclusive requirements. We can also assist you in making a legitimate decision for the same.

Powered by Site-Building Software:- Numerous website building tools has made the task of development as their “cup of tea”. Weebly is an acclaimed web development tool provided in maximum hosting plans. With this tool, even a novice can create a website for his or her business.

Linux or Windows Based Server Options:- Both Linux and Windows based servers are prominent amongst the customers. They are distinguished according to the web development languages they adopt.

Quick Back-Up:- Fortuitously, if you’ve lost your data from your servers, then, you can avail the option of quick Back-up. You can request for the data you utilized before 24 hours or less. Each user looks for this significant feature in a web hosting service provider.

We offer leading and feature-rich dedicated hosting solutions here at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to make your business a reputable one.

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