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Basically abbreviated for the Open Web Application Security Project, this is a worldwide charitable organization that focuses on improving the security of the software.

With OWASP services the users are able to identify different levels of security risks and make the informed decision about the true and the safe software.

This is one such platform where every user is free to participate and every security essentials are available under a free and open software license. This platform will bring all the security essentials to work freely on OWASP which brings the neutral way to provide security tips to the users without any commercialization. Basically, the effectiveness of OWASP services provoked us to make a partnership with it for the consultation services.

We make a genuine configuration under its partnership by using the collective skills of the best minds. The active users will than review the changes to their site to ensure the quality of the security once the efficient helpers of Infoicon Technologies will guide you appropriately. You can surely find the best way of detecting the security risks by getting the best response of consultation from us.

Definitely if you are unknown with the importance of OWASP services, we would surely recommend you to go for this magnanimous security way. Since, the marketing materials are crucial to the growth of the OWASP brand; so we encourage its usage for long to get the most powered OWASP services.

OWASP is a comprehensive platform which enables the professionals to develop a highly secure platform by testing it for various security parameters. Infoicon Technologies has now become the renowned hub for delivering the quality rich web applications. The legitimate use of OWASP enables the web developers, vendors, and end users to experience the best features of designing, development, deployment and testing.

OWASP Website Penetration Testing From Infoicon Technologies

OWASP is an Open Web Applications Security Project which is enriched with the finest security tools. It facilitates the developers to employ a systematized methodology for the entire process. It empowers various industry leaders, educational institutes, and individuals around the world. The intent behind making the use of OWASP is simple- to facilitate the use of efficient tools and resources to enhance the security of the applications.

Introduction with OWASP Top 10?

OWASP assembles the data from a number of successful web application attacks. It makes the use of this data to provide the OWASP Top 10 statistics. The significance of OWASP Top 10 is very high a sit refers to the top 10 web attacks which are observed over the year by the professional security experts.

At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we are proficient in performing website penetration testing for the significant websites of our customers. It is performed against the OWASP Top 10 security threats. We are here to ensure a highly guarded and secure platform for your website.

To avail our finest set of OWASP testing services, you can get in touch with us on our contact numbers. You can also email us to leave your message. We are here to provide you the services that will enrich the security of your website.

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