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The best tool to empower a person is "education". When we talk about imparting education to people, it is irrespective of their age and social/economic background of a person. E-learning is such a platform where they can learn from anywhere and at any place. It is the finest medium to help them grow and become independent. The typical sources rapidly used in spreading the educational awareness are - web/mobile applications and educational websites. On these expanded platforms, the students, learners, and tutors can commute with each other and can boost their academic as well as personal skills.

Now-a-days, E-Learning websites and applications are rapidly emerging. If you are running an educational institute or related programs, then, it is obligatory for you to own a website or application to connect with your specific audience actively. It needs to be tested rigorously to ensure its flawless functioning. Testing e-Learning application at the individual stage of development process doesn't ensure that it will work without any problem. We test the application separately for the potential bugs and expected functionality. This process aims to meet the requirements of the end-users who will make use of the application.

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Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide a full spectrum of testing and QA consulting services for e-learning business entities such as institutions, schools, colleges, training centers, etc. We have gained rich experience in e-learning testing and QA (Quality Assurance) over the years. Our approach is intended to deliver handy and advanced educational applications. We employ end-to-end application validation process.

Our E-Learning Testing Service Services Comprises of:-

Testing the potential bugs in the student management software.

The management of student’s information in the database.

Legitimate Demonstration of courses.

Appropriate display including the proper placing of tabs and alluring color combinations.

Testing for online examinations under peak load.

Hassle-free contact between the trainer and students.

Why Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for Your E-learning Testing Requirements?

Exceptional domain knowledge and expertise.Dedicated and well-equipped labs for testing.Organized process flow.Enhanced Portfolio of immense work experience done on the e-learning platform.Hands-on experience on Latest Automation Tools.Custom-built education testing solutions.

What We Do?

We make sure that every E-Learning website or its application goes through a meticulous quality check. Our testers aim to meet the expectations of each learner and trainer. Their typical requirements are excellent usability, legitimate functionality, and interesting content.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.'s e-Learning testing services ensure the consistency and appropriateness of E-Learning programs through its following leading-edge service offerings:-

Platform Testing: We ensure the flawless and trouble-free accessibility of E-Learning products regardless of the OS, browser or the mobile devices. It assures that the application will work seamlessly across various platforms.

Content Validation: We make sure about the high-suitability of the content as per the standards of the educational industry. Our team clearly understand the preeminence of education and its different domains also. We confirm that your e-learning application portrays your educational services accurately.

Performance Testing: Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a proficient expertise in Performance testing of E-Learning based applications as well as websites. We emphasize on their speed so that your students can access them flawlessly.

Functional Testing: Our skilled and experienced testers validate all aspects of E-Learning websites including quick responsiveness of tabs and buttons. It is to ensure that the user doesn't encounter any problem while accessing an e-learning application.

At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we are specialized in providing proficient testing services to various E-Learning service providers. Our comprehensive approach for testing the E-Learning applications makes sure that you get the legitimate functionality corresponding to your website design. We keep aligned with the core methodologies and standard that we follow in testing your applications. Our team is committed to delivering the resulting applications that can be flawlessly used by the customers.

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