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Mobile has brought an overwhelming revolution in the world. People have become habituated of using the mobiles in their day-to-day lives. This has made the evolution of various mobile applications to simplify our tasks. Each of us is using mobile apps for booking movie tickets, to buy grocery, to listen to the music and watch the videos, for educational purposes, for social networking, etc. As a novice user, we do not think about where the application is developed or whether it is tested or not. What we exactly confirm is whether the application is working smoothly or not.

It is obligatory for a mobile application owner to get their app tested before making it live for the respective customers. This assures the seamless execution of the app as it is intended. The seamless execution of app is assured by the following features:-

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  • Appealing GUI.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Uncomplicated processes.
  • Does not hangs on a high load, etc.

We have attained high proficiency in testing mobile apps. Our approach is flexible and comprehensive according to the intended business goal of the application. To lead in this competitive world, we are keeping a fast-pace. We have provided our mobile testing services for various app store halls likewise Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Windows, and much more. Our thorough procedure ensures that your app is stuffed with the finest features and functionalities that your end-users require.

After the successful completion of mobile testing procedure at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., you would be extremely confident that your app will function as expected on different electronic devices, of diverse screen sizes, resolutions, operating systems and across various network operators. We perform extensive planning before the outset. Our comprehensive planning consists of submitting the requirements of our customers explicitly.

Our Approach for Mobility Testing

Initial Planning and Case Study- We perform in-depth planning as well as a case study before the kick-off of the process. Our team understands clearly the business goals of our customers and we use the best of our resources to raise the growth of your business.

Legitimate Testing Strategy- A methodological test strategy is followed by our team to leave no stone unturned in delivering you an application loaded with high quality. We make a mutual decision with our customer for the types of testing we will perform on their mobile app.

Manual as well as Automation Testing- We execute manual as well as automation testing to diagnose all bugs, defects and errors in subjected mobile apps.

External as well as In-House Testing- Our professional and skilled testers adhere to perform both external testing together with in-house testing to follow a comprehensive test strategy. We have separate teams to accomplish these tasks independently.

Device Fragmentation- We segregate the set of devices on which we will perform testing in order to hand-over an application that executes flawlessly across all sorts of mobile devices and web browsers.

Mobile App Performance Testing- Our experienced and skilled testers check for the high-performance tied with the exact functionality of your application. It is the most significant and influential parameter that the end-user looks for.

Security Testing- It is the crucial feature which each end-user demands, as security is the major concern of the users now-a-days. We test the applications from an intruder’s or hacker’s point of view to help you attain a paramount level of security.

Functionality check on different Operating Systems- Our testers adhere to test the mobile apps on the discrete functionality checks so as to ensure the proper functioning of the different components of the application.Final User Acceptance Testing- At the end, when we’ve done with all the aspects of testing, we perform acceptance testing to facilitate the test closure and bring the process to an end to make the application live.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a zealous team of QA and mobile testers to perform the finest quality check on your apps. We possess the remarkable features to find the discrete bugs in your app.

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