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No matter the type of industry, investing in a content management system or CMS offers countless benefits. In simple words, a CMS is a software application that allows users to create, edit, upload, and delete content from a website without requiring any coding language. Whether dealing with complex supply chains in manufacturing or healthcare, TYPO3 is a powerful marketing and communication tool.

TYPO3 is one the most amazing open-source content management systems with a large global community. This platform traced back to 1998 is a free development framework for websites and is based on the PHP scripting language. Moreover, it works well for publishing digital content across a wide range of mediums. Also, easy to use and an effective tool for small sites and multilingual sites of large organizations. The system, initially focused on editing websites, can now control content, features, and design without requiring coding knowledge.

Furthermore, TYPO3 CMS is constantly upgrading itself and has released six major versions till date. Conceptually, it has two parts, a back-end that maintains the website and a front end displays the web content. Design and programming can be done with elements such as page tree, constants, HTML template, and TypoScript template.

Why is using TYPO3 a good decision?

Time and time again, it has been found that this CMS platform strikes a great balance between functionality and useability, while also being scalable, cost-effective, and customisable. Firstly, TYPO3 is well-established. Currently, over 230, 000 active websites run it and with it comes a library of extensions. Thus, allowing new features and functionality to be easily added to a growing website. Secondly, the framework offers the best-in class security features to protect the firm’s reputation.

One of the top reasons for website owners to choose this CMS is the endless flexibility. It gives developers an opportunity to develop professional solutions for website optimization. In addition, with its amazing multisite capabilities, it allows users to keep all the different sites under one install. As a result, there is better integration between sites and less administrative overheads. Another area where this CMS excels is its multilingual functionality. This robust functionality speeds up the translation process, saving both time and money.

TYPO3 vs WordPress

Which CMS is good for business? This is the most obvious question while creating a website for the business. It largely depends on the business, however, WordPress will always be on the top of your mind when deciding a CMS. Although, there are other platforms that can fulfill your business requirements. TYPO3 is suitable for large websites, while WordPress is used in personal blogs and small websites.

TYPO3 has a set of built-in features for security. WordPress, on the other hand, provides optimal security when the system is updated on a regular basis. For many reasons, there is no direct competition between both the CMS. Choose WordPress if your website is simple and does not need to be in multiple languages. Also, it is preferred if you have a small or medium budget. TYPO3 is the perfect CMS if the website is organized in a complex structure of pages and sub-pages. It can be used if you have a medium to large budget and the website will be in many languages.

Popular companies using TYPO3 CMS 

Fortunately, TYPO3 has kept climbing higher on the ranking lists of top CMS. Some of the world’s top companies use TYPO3 to create their website include Philips Dictation, Pearson, Sachsen Anhalt, Hitachi Medical Systems, Lufthansa Group, and others.

Typo3 Development Companies - what do they provide?

There are several website design and development companies in the country catering TYPO3 services. The developers give complete solutions for every industry. They provide easy downloading and broadcasting of highly contented websites. By leveraging their comprehensive knowledge of open source frameworks, these companies succeed in offering great website customization services. At the same time, the organization delivers offshore TYPO3 development services to many clients around the globe. Thus, to unlock the full potential of TYPO3, the assistance of a TYPO3 Development company is needed.

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