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Mobile technology is one of those things that has truly evolved to become a popular buzz in the modern digital world. As of now, “Augmented Reality” or “AR” is that latest trend which is creating news in the industry for many reasons! A technology that is capable to enhance the experience you have in your regular life by simply using any smartphone/tablet.

Considering the usefulness of Augmented Reality, it will not be wrong to say that it’s a continuing modification to the existing technologies. In fact, it allows app developers as well as business houses to spread the layer of digital data that can cover the objects of the real world efficiently. We at Infoicon Technologies understand the complexities involved in the process of Augmented Reality App Development. Thus, our competent team of professionals pay heed to your requirements and then fulfill the same in the most exceptional way.

Do You Know How Augmented Reality App Actually Works?

In order to let the user have an incredible experience, the app captures their current location. And, this is utilized to forecast virtual objects on the display or on an exclusive glass meant for the purpose of viewing Augmented Reality.

The technology offers enormous potential right from the beginning of the task where the digital creature needs to be chased. Besides this, designing of various complex machines and other engineering structures are also a crucial part that cannot be missed!

Major Types Of Augmented Reality Apps:-

Marker-Based Apps - These apps depend on image or pattern recognition. Making use of the built-in camera of the device/gadget, the app detects certain markers like QR codes, images brand symbol, etc. Once the same is being recognized, the app covers digital information on the pattern/marker. Here, the positioning of the device has a vital role to play and should be given careful consideration.

Location-Based Apps - In this type of AR app, markers are not needed. These utilize GPS functionality and other features that help to detect the actual position. Using this, AR objects are then created. To locate your car in a busy parking lot using this technology is the finest example!

ARPA SDK’s, Metaio SDK, Wikitude SDK, DroidAR (specifically for Android) are few of the most common platforms used for Augmented Reality App Development. Most of these are compatible to offer support for various platforms so, you just have to select a suitable one for your requirement.

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