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Choosing a web development framework can be a big deal. One may find a number of frameworks on the market, each developed to address different project needs. The Django framework is a popular web development tool used in many companies and independent projects. Django is a free and open source web application framework written in Python. The versatile framework is capable of creating any type of website.

One of its main goals is to simplify work for developers. By using the principles of rapid development, very little time is taken to get the project to the market. Further, it has out-of-the-box security systems that help developers avoid common security issues. With this framework, one can tackle projects of any size and capacity, whether it’s a simple website or a high-load web application.

Why is Django a Top Choice For Web Development?

According to the Django Software Foundation, ‘Django was invented to meet fast-moving newsroom deadlines, while satisfying the tough requirements of experienced web developers.’ Thanks to simple syntax and readable code, programs written here are clean and well-structured. As a result, developers can easily make their ideas a reality as well as meet requirements faster.

The Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY philosophy on which the framework is built allows developers to reuse codes written for other projects. This further reduces the time required to develop the product. In addition, it offers built-in HTML templating, object relational mapping, URL routing, helping developers avoid the vexing search for other tools. Thus, one can create anything quickly from chatbots to complex GPS-enabled solutions.

Furthermore, Django components are decoupled. They can be added or removed depending on your specific product requirements. It also protects applications from cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and request forgery. Interestingly, it’s object-relational mapping or ORM is compatible with many popular databases. Apart from allowing developers to work with several databases at once, it is possible to migrate from one database to another and perform common operations without involving additional codes.

Lastly, it offers a number of useful search engine optimization tools. Thus, it can be said that the capabilities of its content management system exceed the expectations of many SEO specialists. There is a large community around Django that is constantly updating and improving its components. However, these aren’t the only things that make this framework the top choice for web development. There are even more great features that the Django web framework provides.

Major Companies Using This Technology 

Django has helped a number of companies grow and develop. It is used by some of the world’s top companies like Mozilla, Spotify, Quora, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Dropbox, bitly, Google, Disqus and others. The technology is popular among social networking platforms as it has the capability to handle large volumes of data. With over one billion active monthly users and more than 100 million photos and stories uploaded everyday, Instagram uses Django to ensure maximum efficiency.

National Geographic is a television network and popular magazine series that focuses on delivering educational content. Django has simplified the development process of its complex website. With this web framework, Firefox has also been able to tackle large amounts of traffic and API hits effectively.

Advantages of Django 

Django prides itself as a battery-included framework. This means, rather than having to write your own code, you may import its packages depending on your application. They span a wide range of topics like authentication, admin interfacing, session management, and several others.

Another advantage is that using the framework for development is fast and simple. Django depends on Python, which is arguably one of the easiest programming languages and is also quite popular. Pyramid, Symfony, Laravel, and Ruby on Rails are frameworks that are considered alternatives to Django.

Django Development Companies

Django projects are capable of high performance management that are compatible for the modification of different content types. The companies harness the potential of this technology to create several websites and apps for all types of organizations. Surprisingly, Djando development services enable a single dashboard that can manage several websites. Experienced professionals conduct vast market research to offer the best solutions that keep their clients way ahead of the competition.

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