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The corporate world is encompassing our whole lives nowadays. A dedicated employee spends more time in the office than its home. In this digital era of advanced technology, every employee is having a smartphone and tablet. There are a lot of tasks and procedures that needs to be managed in an organization. Due to this, there is a substantial requirement of an integrated module where all these procedures can be easily managed comprehensively.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is such a unified platform where the processes can be managed efficiently over the mobiles, wireless networks, and other mobile computing devices from a business perspective. Due to the increased usage of mobile devices by the employees at the workplace, this solution is the prefect to enhance the functionalities of a corporate. The objective behind the creation of EMM is to identify how the mobility tools should be integrated to result in the flawless execution of the business processes.

Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) works on a server where all user requests are executed. It pushes the notifications to the androids and iOS of the workers of the company. It can execute successfully on various operating systems and across diverse mobile devices. It focuses to enhance the business procedures and to make them more smooth. It also facilitates the communication between the employees working on discrete designations. Similar to other mobile applications, it also needs to be updated after a certain period of time. The update and maintenance are the two procedures that go for life long. Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is an extensive platform that is employed most commonly by the interconnected and distributed apps. It offers an easy to deploy middleware server. This server hosts custom API and data access modules.

Enterprise Mobility Services is a competent solution offered by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It strengthens an organizational infrastructure with a brilliant feature of “Ready to Go”. The application can be used as soon as you have procured it. Thereby reducing the time of development and configuration. It also gives the user a flexibility to manage the groups and authentication levels for each one.

Enterprise Mobility Services provided by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are self-hosted i.e, it can host either on a private cloud or on the premises of the enterprise or behind its firewall. The best feature of on-premises hosting provides the client, direct access to the company’s database with the complete protection of the security firewalls of the company. Although, the private cloud hosting provides the scalability in addition to the extensive bandwidth.

You can also own the EMS Provided by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and manage the corporate procedures efficiently. The benefits of Enterprise Mobility Services are not hidden from all of us. We all are aware of this amazing platform. Even though, it is commonly used in numerous organizations to simplify the business procedures of a company. Additionally, it is easily affordable. It is a cost-effective solution that encompasses all your business requirements in a unified manner.

We at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., are renowned globally for our impeccable Enterprise Mobility Services and solutions. Our team is fully-fledged with the dedicated engineers and experienced professionals. We are available to help you out with the issues that you face after availing our Enterprise Mobility Services. Our technical team will help you in the installation and configuration of the EMS in your organization.

To serve you the best set of our services is the main aim of Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have empowered various organizations with our Enterprise Mobility Services. You can add one more to this list by making a contact to us to avail the significant services.

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