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Voice Search SEO - “A New World Redefining The Way You Search!”

In SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization strategy, you majorly focus on two things to get an edge over your competitors. Firstly, “pay attention to effective research for your business keywords” and secondly “adapt your SEO technique for making a good profit”. The compelling reason behind the first is the significance of targeting what your audience is actually looking for. And, the second stems from various essential factors. Initially, changes in Google's algorithms might make a few strategies more effective or even outdated. Besides this, the persistent change in the way people search for useful information also an important aspect. This is where “Voice Search ” comes into the picture to play a vital role for the expansion of your business!

It's an emerging trend in the world of “search” and undeniably something that SEO professionals should keep their eyes on. It describes searches you perform by employing your voice. However, previously, most people used to type their queries while searching anything be it nearby restaurants or colleges. But, today, the number of individuals utilizing  “Voice Search Option” is continuously increasing. Since it's less time-consuming and also offers desirable outcome, thus, they are preferred by more people these days. The searching process conducted with a voice assistant instead of manually typing your search on the browser of your computer or phone.

Below are the top four voice assistants and the devices they are compatible with:

  • Apple Siri: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Google Assistant: Google Home, Pixel Phone, Android 6.0+ devices, iOS and Android apps
  • Microsoft Cortana: Windows 10, Windows phone, Xbox One, iOS and Android apps
  • Amazon Alexa: Echo

Voice Search, the newest technology that allows users to search just using their voice instead of typing works through the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) System. This is what that transforms voice signal into text. After that, Google uses the text as a query and proceeds further in order to provide you with the accurate result.

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Know How Voice Search SEO Will Impact Digital Marketing In 2022:

In 2021, people are increasingly fond of using voice assistance because of their novel usefulness; the way of searching just has changed and it is rapidly rising. Hence, SEO strategists must identify emerging trend in voice search statistics. The 2022 trend has been set to achieve an immense hike. It has predicted that 6.4 billion people will use voice search and assistance worldwide.

Unleash the Biggest Changes that Voice Search Will Introduce to Digital Marketing!

Voice search will maximize the value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most crucial change that you should know. With AI, as well as, machine learning, your business can compile and analyze a tremendous amount of voice search data for actionable insight.

Apart from this, it will also grow the mobile-friendly movement. Undoubtedly, more than 50% of the internet's traffic comes from mobile devices. That's why we, Infoicon Technologies among the best “digital marketing agencies” emphasize the importance of adopting a mobile-first approach to internet marketing. Also, assist you to get your mobile-friendly website developed along with the best features by keeping your specific requirements in mind.  

Yes, Voice Search will surely increase the value of local SEOThis is because more than 55% consumers nowadays relying more on their voice assistants to find local businesses and explore their local areas. In addition to this, nearly 75% of voice-enabled speaker users conduct a local Voice Search that too on a weekly basis.

Believe it or not, Voice Search will become a digital marketing must! With approximately one billion voice searches happening each month, agencies and businesses can't overlook “Voice Search”. Indeed, it's an essential tool employed by consumers in their day-to-day to find new products and services. Whether you are a company, e-commerce store or local business, it offers immense value and the opportunity to reach your target audience.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Voice Search?

Voice Search, an innovative way to search offers brand an opportunity to build a real connection with their users. As per the research, more than half of consumers (nearly 55%) utilize the same while driving. And, now the question is, what they actually look for? And, the best guess is they search for unmatched local services. Thus, renowned local businesses are supposed to be most affected by this newest search technique. And, it's a plus point for you as an entrepreneur. Yes, it can help you increase your business revenue successfully!

According to the survey, above 1,000 consumers perform voice search to get benefited with the best products and services offered by a reliable company and service providers respectively. For instance, cafes/restaurants, groceries, clothing stores, hotels, digital marketing agencies, web and mobile app development companies, and more. Believe it or not, this is what that can assist you meet your business goals!

Finally, it may be concluded, Voice Search is a great way of searching that is being employed by numerous users, and it’s expected to grow more in the coming years. In fact, it’s too soon to start a countdown for a traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but there are some crucial things we need to be ready for. Among them are SERP-less search, a rise of simple content forms, a death of robotic keywords, a spread of conversational, an AI-friendly tone of voice across the web, and many others.

However, Infoicon Technologies is a leading company noted for offering exceptional Voice Search Optimization services to all the valued clients from every corner of the world. In addition, we have a team of dedicated professionals who possess ample experience, significant expertise and wealth of knowledge. This is what that allows them to take your business to the next level of success.

Therefore, if you too looking forward to approaching a trusted company to avail Voice Search Optimization service, then you can choose us. Withholding years of experience and possessing good knowledge in the field, our experts assuredly help you meet your business goals!

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